if my heart were a compass, you'd be north
the second button is the one closest to the heart and is said to contain all emotions.

i'm regine. twenty-one. i really, really like beyonce.
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those fingerstripes. i just. i can’t. |8

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Here’s the reality of the situation— Batman was NEVER Dick’s identity. It was Bruce’s, and it’ll always BE Bruce’s. Dick filled in, eventually becoming more and more comfortable in the role, but deep down he knew it was going to end— it had to. And the question of “is it a demotion” is silly— is it a demotion to go back to being YOU? —Kyle Higgins, about Dick returning as Nightwing (comicvine.com)

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I’ve been drawing alot of 3/4 views lately.

Nightwing <3 I like Dick Grayson of all forms.

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